About Us

INKY GOLD brand was founded in 2014 as an idea of creating new style and creative patterns for children and teenagers.

All of Inky Gold's products are hand made with particular care for the details.

Apart from Inky Gold's online store which ships WORLDWIDE, in October  2015 we have opend our first store in Tbilisi, Georgia. 

Inky Gold children’s wear brand pays particular attention to the quality and functionality of the garments while creating unique style. Mixing colours and experimenting with the patterns is the key element of Inky Gold's style. Each and every fabric is hand picked, every garment and pattern is individually created.

It was founded with the idea to contribute and enhance the development of personal style among youngsters.

Our main source of the inspiration are teenagers of 21st century who bring a fast-forward thinking into the fashion world with their desire to be creative.


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